Preventing back pain



Back pain is a very common complaint, affecting many of us. Back pain can be caused by┬ávarious factors including ageing, the body’s wear and tear, strains and minor injuries, muscular issues, poor posture, incorrectly lifting heavy objects, day-to-day stresses, over tiring muscles whilst playing sports or even sleeping in an awkward position rather than more serious causes.

We’ve got your back

Just by following a few simple steps, you can help minimize your chances of experiencing back pain:

Sit properly

If you are at a desk all day, make sure you sit in the correct position.

Lift correctly

When lifting a heavy load, always bend your knees, maintain a straight back and keep the object close to your body. Never bend from the waist and avoid twisting your body whilst carrying bags or heavy shopping.


Muscular tension is bad for back pain. Try to relax as much as possible.

Regular exercise

Walking and swimming are effective ways of preventing back pain. Yoga or Pilates can also improve your flexibility and strengthen your back muscles.